By Gibson Nyika

Being with core members most of the time has taught me that each individual is gifted and talented in a different way. In most cases when we talk of gifts and talents, people turn to focus on those celebrities that are known all over the world. Furthermore, if one claims to be talented or gifted, people turn to focus on how much money or material things that one owns from his or her gift. In L’Arche assistants pay more attention to core members and discover their gifts so that they share what God has given them with the entire community.

Bobby is one of the core members in our community who has a great gift of welcoming and entertaining visitors. Whenever a guest arrives in the community Bobby makes sure that he introduces himself and take the visitor around. In addition, his welcoming nature does not only end with welcoming and telling stories, he makes a strong bond with whoever he meets. He normally identifies those whom he meet as his siblings or parents. Bobby’s character always reminds us of the great gifts which the Lord has bestowed on each person and also that gifts or talents are not only viewed on the aspect of the material matrix. On the other hand his gift echoes the values of L’Arche that it’s a community that welcomes everyone.