Some people say that love makes the world go round, some people believe it is money that does that but the multitude of football fans worldwide will tell you that it is football. The community of L’Arche Zimbabwe joined that part of the population as we recently established our own football team which strutted its stuff competitively for the first time on Wednesday against Homefields.

It was the perfect culmination of all the intensive football practice the crew had undergone for the past 3 weeks and once they stepped onto that football field clad in shimmering blue kit, you could just tell that an atmospheric shift had just occurred. The confidence of the team as it strode out onto the pitch was bordering on arrogance which was well placed as the team thoroughly thrashed the Homefields team 5-2.

The scores could have been so much more worse had the team not suddenly developed empathy and compassion for their opponents. The way the ball was pinged across the field by the midfielders, the composure and steadiness of the defenders and the guile and trickery of the forwards would have had spectators thinking the world eleven had graced the humble surroundings of Mount Hampden. The pandemic however stopped such a performance from being witnessed by a crowd of people, however the flora and fauna in attendance were left ruminating on the greatest day of their existence.