On the 1st of October, the Therapy team went to St. Peter Claver in Mbare for their outreach. The team consisted of Amos Zavare (OT), Talent Makumbe (RT), Rudo Kwashiwa (OT intern) and Gibson Nyika (Sector leader). L’Arche Zimbabwe is a small community that cannot cater for a large number of people hence the main thrust has been to grow outwards and do more within the society and extended community as opposed to within our small L’Arche community. We get to reach out to a larger population as witnessed by this visit to Mbare. The team of 3 therapists was able to provide services to 30 people with varying conditions such as cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, intellectual disability and autism.

Our outreaches aim to be different. The focus is not only on the individual with the disability but also the immediate family they live with. Physical therapy sessions are coupled with counselling services as the focus on rehabilitation of the family unit is implemented. Instead of focusing on one element within an environment, our prerogative is to look at the whole ecosystem and find out how each individual component affects another and how it can be altered to improve the quality of life and functional independence for all parties involved.

St. Peter Claver Church was a hive of activity from 10 am to 3 pm. Quantity and quality met and married at this center which was befitting given that this was a church. Efficiency was the offspring of this couple as everybody left the outreach team pleased with the services they received.