As we celebrated Africa Day, our own poet Tatenda prepared this poem for us.
My roots, Africa
My roots are in Africa a continent of unique cultural diversities
A continent of riches by nature.
A continent of peace and love
A continent of friendly people
A continent of value
Some say that our continent is a backward place but am proud of my roots, Africa
I love my roots, Africa
I salute our leaders
I cherish our cultural diversities
I’m proud of our values as Africans
I’m always proud to be African
I salute our uniqueness because there is no one like us
As one singer said ‘Brown skin girl our skins are just like pearls’ meaning we so precious
My prayer today is that, may the Lord protect us from this dreadful virus
Almighty bless Africa, continue to take control in these trying times, we put our trust in you
I salute our continent
I love my roots, Africa
I love my roots, Africa
I love my roots, Africa

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