As L’Arche, we have so many lessons to share with the world. One of these lessons is based on our differences and how we embrace them as the source for our enriched lives. To be frank, looking at us from a general perspective can be very confusing. We are a bunch of different personalities, abilities and beliefs. We have those of us who are Methodists,

Catholics, Anglicans and Pentecostal. We have those of us who are Autistic, those with Down syndrome, some who have Cerebral Palsy and others who are Hydrocephalic. Some of us can speak verbally, some have limited verbal skills but masters of gestures and sign language. We are a bunch of differently-abled people. Our differences are huge yet they don’t separate us but compel us to be more responsive to each other. We all come together like pieces of a mosaic, painting a remarkable life through our difference. Like a mosaic, the different colours bring out the colour and the vividness of experiences. Collectively the different pieces shape unity of purpose and love just like a mosaic bringing an image to life. If the world could look at its differences that way and embrace the uniqueness of each one, we would have a beautiful huge Mosaic.