A kitchen is a beautiful place that nourishes us. For some of us, it’s a scary platform that draws from us skills that are not so inherent but for others, this place is home. They find comfort in the art of preparing food and it brings out the genius in them. One of these people is Concillia. A very humble and cheerful member of our kitchen staff. What is unique about her which invites me to write this small piece is her giftedness and mastery in the kitchen.

Every day she works her hands carefully around sharp blades slicing vegetables and other ingredients. The knives seem to culm their lethality under her touch. Working slowly and methodically cutting pieces, small and identical as if sliced by a mechanically or electrically dedicated tool. For some reason, even the heat from the stove become just right to the perfect degree.

The sight of these vegetables being prepared is just enough to make one look forward to the meal. They speak to you of how the one preparing them is in conversation with them. How they understand their role as they respond to Concillia’s touch, bringing their own glimmer and freshness to the equation. They seem to understand how they transcend their own life into human life. Surely in her mastery, Concillia must be a Food Whisperer. Perhaps beyond that, she is a Kitchen Whisperer. How everything in the kitchen seems to support and bring the best of her is incredible. It’s something that I desire and personally hope to have one day. Perhaps if I keep observing her magical work, one day I will be able to have a conversation with vegetables, plates and pots too in a way that brings mouth-watering dishes.

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