The lockdown in our country has invited us to reflect on some aspects of our lives which we used to take for granted. Physical presence is one of these aspects. Now that we can not easily move from one house to the other, we realise how it is so important. Core members and assistants miss such moments when they could easily visit the nearby church or friends and relatives. Shaking hands, giving and receiving hugs, looking at a person directly and smiling, these experiences were and they are still part of the felt order which defines our relations. The practices are missed together with the feelings of security, comfort and closeness which they trigger.

Core members and assistants have had to learn new practices and expressions of being present to each other. Where we used to greet each other with hugs and handshakes, we are now doing an elbow gesture whilst maintaining some distance. We have learnt to video chat on Whatsapp and Zoom and be content, somehow, for the time being.

One of the positive takeaways from the COVID-19 experience has been the tremendous support the community has received from the members of the society and the Federation. We have received messages of concern and love from sister communities across the globe. Somehow we have reached out to each other and continuously pushing each other to survive the epidemic.

In the houses, we have learnt to play traditional games and some modern ones to us such as Ludo. We had to sharpen our voices through singing and exercise every day through Aerobics and Zumba. Through this experience, we have learnt that we can decide to be alive regardless of the circumstances.