L’Arche Zimbabwe work hand in glove with gender mainstreaming as it promotes gender equality between female and male counterparts . Women are given the chance to learn and they are proficient as men when it comes to manifesting their own creative ideas .

A green flag has been raised in the L’Arche Zimbabwe environment as a female-oriented carpenter has firmly risen up to speed on basic carpentry skills including working with wood, planning, designing, using hand power tools safely and effectively.
There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. Amongst the L’Arche family, we have our very own hardworking mother. Everyone calls her Amai Cheza. Her work is her pride. She believes in herself.

At L’Arche, she works together with core members and assistants to produce furniture that includes the following; kitchen chairs and tables, cupboards, curtain rails and rods, assistive devices and so many other wood products.
Mai Cheza is a good teacher, she thrives to see core members engaging in the mighty and great carpentry works. Hence, it is with high hopes within the L’Arche family that, one day we will also stand firm with both female and male core members reaching greater heights in carpentry.