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1/24a Forbes Road, Waterfalls, Harare, Zimbabwe


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we welcome you

L’Arche Zimbabwe is a place where everyone is welcome. It invites people with intellectual disabilities and those without to share a mutual life which accompanies each and everyone towards individual and collective growth.

The atmosphere of welcome is very evident from the moment one arrives at the community. The core members express the joy of one’s presence with genuine openness of their inner feelings. Bobby and Enock would be the first to run to you with excitement. Joshua is always on a wheelchair and he can’t move by himself. He would wait patiently for you to get to him and from the depth of his heart, hit you so profoundly with a SMILE that says in a silent way WELCOME, I AM HAPPY YOU ARE HERE.

The welcome atmosphere at L’Arche draws you to a place of discovery. In a peaceful and more personal way, you become invited to reflect on life. You begin to appreciate each and every gift you receive even those you regard as small and insignificant. In this way, we open the doors of our community and invite you to discover and share life the L’Arche way.