Living life to the full

L’Arche Zimbabwe has two houses that are situated 5 minutes away from each other. The houses have a total of 22 core members who live together with 11 assistants.  The houses are a source of joy, therapeutic processes and mutual relationships. 

Core members and assistants share enriched lives were they work together in different workshops, contribute to daily chores, celebrate the gift of life and accompany each other towards growth. The life in the houses is driven by our mission which desires to make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities and working together toward a more humane society. 

The houses welcome volunteers who contribute to the daily experiences of the community. They in-turn are enriched by the service experience they receive from members of the community.

our workshops

L’Arche Zimbabwe has 5 workshops. These are places that provide educational, physiotherapy and occupational therapy for core members and assistants. The same placements gives opportunities to the community members to be productive, find meaning and purpose in life. In addition to the 3 workshops indicated below the community runs a successful Garden and a Poultry project.


This workshop provides functional academics and prepares core members and assistants for various other workshops and responsibilities. The centre is situated at Ngoma House. Generally it works with 23 core members, 22 who are resident members and 1 who commutes everyday from a nearby residential area.

The Daycare Centre ensures the participation of all members in educational and sporting events. It contributes to the outreach programmes of the community.


The Workshop provides support to children and young people with intellectual and complex disabilities together with their parents and families. The Centre gives Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. It also supports Speech therapy and Orthopaedic requirements.

The centre contributes to the improved quality of life for people with complex disabilities who include those who are Autistic, who have Cerebral Palsy and those with Down syndrome. This relates to the following factors; mobility, work skills and health.



The Crafts workshop produces several products that are used at the community and others that are sold in various markets. 

The workshop produces handbags, t-shirts, jewellery, rosaries, candles and wall hangers. 

Other products that are provided include Dish washing liquid soap, floor polish and tailoring products.